Social search website connecting wine lovers and wineries throughout the globe.
Web is a social search website, dedicated to wineries and their visitors. You can register a winery, advertise your brand, attract more customers and increase sales. Users customize search queries by selecting wineries they are interested in, save information about them in bookmarks, favorite pages, have the ability to plan and organize trips through selected wineries and mark visited places. In addition, users share information about wine and wineries in social networks (authorization via Facebook), leave recommendations for friends


Development and support of a web application for a social search website, dedicated to wineries and their visitors.


The Exposit company was responsible for the supporting and the developing of the web application. Our developers studied the source code created by three different teams, wrote their own logic over the FB library and fixed errors to make the application work correctly. As a result, the whole project was refactored.

  • Implementing logic for database backups creation. Sending backups to the dropbox using the dropbox API;
  • Django CMS Plug-in development;
  • Server performance optimization;
  • Registration and authorization via Facebook;
  • "Travel planner" function implementation.

Technologies used:
Python (Django Framework 1.7, Django CMS)
Vagrant + Ansible
Dropbox API

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