Travel Calendar

Application for travelers with 200 day-by-day planned travel routes.

The application has more than 1,000 professional HD-photos, an easy search by various parameters (prices, visa etc.), an interactive world map as well as an intuitive, nice and dynamic interface. The first time the user opens the app, a learning mode is activated.


Full cycle iPad application development for travelers.


We have developed an application for travelers from scratch. It contains 200 day-by-day planned travel routes with interesting descriptions and professional HD-images. 

About every journey users can learn:

  • How to organize a trip by day (all trips are designed for standard holiday from a week to two); 
  • What sights to visit and how to get to each place of the route; 
  • How much will accommodation, food, travel, excursions cost; 
  • What weather is to be expected; 
  • Cultural events taking place this month: carnivals, festivals, holidays; 
  • What to try from local cuisine and drinks and much more.

Technologies used:
Objective C

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