Web application for providers and consumers of electronic products.

SourceBase is a Web application for providers and consumers of electronic services, components and products. The application contains information about thousands of electronic parts and products, completely dependable and accessible when a buyer or engineer needs it most. The Search feature lists millions of parts from hundreds of distributors. 

Developed on .NET and Angular technologies, SourceBase provides the opportunity to communicate with suppliers, distributors by local telephone numbers, toll-free numbers, fax numbers, addresses, e-mails and via websites. Contact information is regularly updated.


Application testing, quality assurance,  requirements gathering and analyzing, test documentation updating and supporting.


The Exposit company was responsible for ensuring the application quality, working in a large distributed team and using agile software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban). Exposit QAs have dealt with the new AngularJS interface elements and dynamic loading of the large amounts of data.

Technologies used:

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