Meditation guide

AI-driven mobile app to control stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness meditation app to control stress and anxiety, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches. Mobile app provides its user with personalized guided meditations depending on his mood and state. There is also an opportunity to enjoy unguided meditations with nature sounds.


Development of an AI-powered mobile meditation app on the basis of iOS platform.


The mobile app is designed to track its users' mood, health, notice any improvements that happen over time with the help of AI. It algorithmically chooses the most effective meditation program according to individual parameters set. Just need to choose three-to-ten minute meditation and answer a few questions about the experience. With its machine-learning mood tracking technology, the application adjusts to the user’s patterns and serve his emotional state. Meditation guide will remind you of time when your body and mind need to recharge.

Implemented application features:

  • Registering via Google+, Facebook or email. Users are able to use the app with signing up for the 3-day Free Trial.
  • A wide range of meditation channels available - a user can subscribe his favorite ones;
  • Auto-Renewable Subscription implemented - when users subscribe, the Ads are disabled and all the extra features are unlocked;
  • Interactive dashboard visualizing users improvement;
  • Gratitude journal;
  • Notifications/Daily reminders including reminders for mindful breathers to keep you centered;
  • Scheduling meditations + special time for weekends can be set;
  • AdMob Banner Ads and Pop-up Ads;
  • Integration with Apple Health.

Practicing mindfulness helps to reduce stress, improve attention skills and enhance relationships. It takes just 3 minutes a day to become happier. 😊

Technologies used:

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