App that allows using multiple accounts of the same application simultaneously.

Smartphone software does not allow you to run multiple accounts of the same application on one phone simultaneously. Special software has to be used to provide users such functionality and usually these cost heavy solutions for enterprise users. 

Therefore, the customer offered to develop a mobile application so-called "container", in which you can run other users already opened applications, social accounts (VK, Skype, Viber), games, browsers. It is possible to install applications in private mode without the phone's main screen displaying. The application is targeted for usual users, which would like to have several accounts without losing their privacy.


Development of a mobile application.


The Exposit company was responsible for the system programming of the project on the basis of Android. The challenges we faced during the work were related to the lack of libraries and ready-made solutions, as well as automatic updates and applications cloning.

Technologies used:
Android SDK
Android NDK

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