Join Me

Mobile application connecting people for a joint lunch.

Mobile iOS application helping its users find a random companion for lunch if desired. Suppose an employee is sent on a business trip. He carefully plans his time, as well as the lunch break time. The mobile application Join Me can organize a random search for people for a joint lunch on the basis of LinkedIn user's contacts.

It works like this:

The user launches the application and it determines his location. After this, the service scans and sorts second level LinkedIn contacts (friends of friends) and searches for contacts of people from the city where the user is at the moment. The user can send a request to the people found and begin a chat with them to introduce himself, agree on a meeting, time, lunch place, etc. A maximum of 4 people can join this company.


Mobile iOS-app for finding a random companion for a meal together based on LinkedIn contacts.


The team of the Exposit company has developed a mobile iOS application on the basis of LinkedIn API and an implemented integration with ParseSDK.

Technologies used:
LinkedIn API

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